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Blank State - team malik's blasting off again

[Once they're somewhere private...]

All right. This is... total shit.

I'm the fucking pokemon.
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What?! [Of course this had to happen eventually, but it was still shocking that it happened so soon.]

Explain yourself.
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Shit... [She didn't need to explain it any further than that.]

I'd completely forgotten about that. [Go figure. Of all the things to come back and haunt him, and of all the times to do it, it had to be this and now.]
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... [Malik seems a little taken aback by her reaction, and then he falls into silence. It's hard to tell if he was feeling regret, or just knew well enough to keep his mouth shut.

After all, what he did then was pretty typical for him. At the time it had went forgotten just like everyone else he hurt. It was the part afterwards where he was put under fire that he remembers. That damn scar on his abdomen reminds him of it daily.]

Anyway, I'll drive suspicion off Sharpe, or at least convince them he represents someone else.
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[His voice is cold and stern.] Yeah, and the last guy who was found innocent was also found dead come the next case. And if you fess up, they'll want to see your cabinet. We can't have that.
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At least when you're at risk of execution, you'll have a chance to defend yourself! We're all the shadows targets... But if they keep going after those who are proven innocent, then we're safer staying on the sidelines for as long as we can.

[As his temper flairs up again, he's just as scared as she is about all this.]

And just think about it! If they see that memory, and they realize it's me... What's stopping them from making some convoluted connection and executing me instead?! I was the one controlling you--if they try to relate that to the case...!
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... [He huffs, turning his head away from her. She meant well, but it wasn't enough.]

I'm going to look through the profiles again and see who else I can pin as Sharpe.
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No. [The word is firm, almost authoritatize, and then he continues.] If they decide to execute Ace, stepping forward will only mean you'll take the fall instead. I won't let that happen. The most we can do is try to divert the blame from Sharpe, since he's likely innocent, but if someone else has to take the fall so you live... Well, that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.
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It's them or us, Harriet. Whatever happens, just remember that we can't trust anybody else here!

Even the ones who were proven innocent.