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Blank State - an anti-austria alliance?

[Sometime during the day, Harriet and Malik approach Kouha with a thinly veiled excuse to check out the infirmary together. As Harriet chats on the way over, Malik is being eerily quiet. He can probably guess they have something on their mind, which is confirmed when Harriet locks the door.]

So anyway. We noticed you were really laying into Austria at the trial. Do you think she's the one who's possessed?
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[He looks surprised at the question, shrugging.]

Maybe. Either she's lying 'bout how she really felt when whatsherface died, or she's a horrible old witch who really doesn't give a shit about her own family. I ain't trustin' her an inch either way.
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In other words...

[His gaze darkens.] The chances that she's one of the spirits is higher than any of the others. And yet everyone else seems so content to just let her go.
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Yeah, I'm with ya there. Shit happens during war all the time, I don't think Norway's got anythin' to feel guilty about and I'm not surprised he doesn't. Same with Ace, he was just followin' orders and it's not like he betrayed anyone.

[He plops down on a nearby chair and leans back.] If we're right, then I don't really got anythin' against Austria for lying to protect herself - I woulda done the same thing, and it ain't her fault Youmu just up and confessed. But if the cat's telling the truth, then she's dead anyway so there's no point in trying to spare her.
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The issue isn't trying to spare her.

[He watches Kouha sit, but doesn't bother moving himself. He prefers to loom.]

It's if we're going to have a second chance at getting rid of her. Obviously the spirits won't kill her off, and if we want to get out of here, we have to kill all of them.