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Blank State - let's get crafty

[When Malik inevitably spots her in the sewing room, Harriet beckons him to come inside. She places her scissors and fabric aside.]

Feel free to lock the door behind you. We should talk.
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... [Side eying the door and doing just that, Malik walks over to take a seat across from the girl.]

What's up?
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What's to talk about? [Malik averts his gaze and reaches across the table to pick up a needle and thread.]

Besides Youmu, the group has yet to get the wrong person. Even if they know more about me...
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[Malik visibly tenses, his eyes growing wide with fear. Of course he'd been worrying about the same thing... Even before they were on that list.]

It won't be. I don't have any regrets, and you... You're too strong for that.
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Strength has nothing to do with how many "cracks" you have. It's your ability to keep moving forward despite them.

[Malik draws his fingers into a fist, his jaw tightening.]

Every one who's died before us was weak. That's all there is to it. We just have to keep moving forward--we're almost through this.
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...That might be unrelated. I don't even remember losing control to him in the first place. [Not that it was something easily remembered.]

Maybe we were pulled here before anything happened. [Of course, that was wishful thinking. Malik really wasn't that optimistic, but he had to try.]
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[He meets her eyes with a serious look.] How can we know how to move past something we don't even know?
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Right... We just have to be strong. [He repeats the mantra to himself, hoping it'll make things easier.

For him to prepare for the worst...what could that be? His other half had taken over before he came here. What if he hurt Harriet or Bakura? Was that it? Or maybe he was forgetting was something that happened before he even came to the Campus.]
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Unlocking them together... [He takes in a deep breath and slowly releases it.] Yeah. I think that would be for the best.

[He has no idea what his could be, but he's starting to fear it--the unknown--stronger by the day.]
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[He nods, and finally brings his arms up to the table so he can rest his head in them.]

I don't really want to share anything, but there's not much of a choice. I'll feel better knowing you're there too, because otherwise...

It's just this group of strangers, seeing something. I don't know what. But I hate it. What if it's...

[Malik's arms curl up further, one brushing over his head as if meaning to hid himself entirely.]

What if it's my Dad? Harriet...
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I don't know... I'm not sure. Maybe it's because I haven't gotten revenge for his death yet?

[Malik drops his hand, staring distantly at it as he talks.]

I've just been wasting time on that island, [His voice grows harsh.] while the damn Pharaoh goes on living!
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[He huffs, looking dryly over at her now.]

I'm being serious, Harriet...
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I guess not... [And finally, he has to admit it:] There's plenty of other things I've done that could, but as long as I don't feel guilty...I should be safe, right?
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...That's right. [But his voice doesn't have his usual confidence. Malik just hopes that it's true.]
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...Good. We need to have confidence in each other. [Even if his own is faltering.]
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Of course we do.

[But as for talking... He seems to think on it, his expression wary.]

I don't know. What is there to say? I haven't gotten my revenge yet.
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[Malik's lips twist at the question, but he answers. It's nothing he hasn't shared before.]

I want revenge because the Pharaoh killed my father...and the Pharaoh is the reason we were living underground in the first place! If I can get rid of him, then I can take us all out of the darkness...
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There's hardly any worse to get, Harriet. My tribe has fallen to pieces because of what happened, and if I sit back and do nothing, it's not going to get any better either!

[At the very least, Malik is dedicated to make a change, however misguided it may be. He won't sit idly by and let fate dictate what happens to him. Not anymore.]