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Game Dialogue - White Rose Chapter

~Choose white rose~
"Wise choice! I see you are well versed in handling a situation.
Welcome to the Rose Crusaders! I... am honored.
Okay, old man. It's time you made yourself scarce."
Simon McMooran
"Wha...? What are you doing! Stop! Noooooooooo!!!!"
"Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you. I just need you out of the way until everything is settled.
Now, let's talk about the Red Rose Cards.

Simon mentioned that he spread the cards among certain individuals just after summoning you. I think it's safe to assume that a large number of those individuals are his confederates currently located in France. I would like to ask you to enter France from Dover and retrieve those cards for our cause. I would go myself. However, I'm needed here to maintain our barrier against any invading forces.

According to the legend, one must use a deck whose cost is lower than an opponent's to capture a Rose Card of another color. Remember... a deck that costs lower than that of an opponent is the key.

I've also heard somewhere that the Celts inherited their Red Rose Cards from the original inhabitants of Stonehenge. This would mean that our enemy, Yugi, who comes from a line of Welsh nobility would likely have inherited one of the Red Rose Cards. This means that those who oppose the Rose Crusaders are sufficiently equipped to duel against us as equals.

Given their desperate situation, they will retaliate with everything they've got. It would be wise not to underestimate them!

I'm depending on you..."

Tea "The Rose Duelist! You dared to betray the hopes of Prince Yugi!!! I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!!!"
- Lose: "Hah!!! I'm greater than I thought I was!!!"
- Win: "I guess I lost... It pains me to know that I lacked the strength to protect my lord and love..."

T. Tristan Grey "Hold it! You're the one they call the Duelist, right? If you wanna go any further, you'll have to face me and my 'Crab walker' strategy!!!"
- Lose: "Heh.... Whassamatter, loser!? Crab got your tongue?" [WINK] please die
- Win: "I don't believe it!!! You beat the crab outta me!!!"

Margaret Mai Beauford "So you're the one who betrayed those who summoned you.... I guess I'll have to show you the error of your ways!"
- Lose: "If that's the best you can do, I thank our lucky stars that you didn't side with us!!!"
- Win: "Losing to the likes of you makes my skin crawl! You shall not be so lucky when you reach the Continent!!! For Yugi and his followers are a force to be reckoned with!!!"

Mako "If you're looking for a boat to take you to the Continent, climb aboard!"
"Alright, landlubber! If you want to reach the Continent, you'll have to face me in a duel!!! Me? My name is Mako, card mercenary of Bretagne!!! At sea, you're in my element!!! I've been waiting for you to cross my path!!! Defeat me and I'll deliver you to the shores of Boulogne. I've got nothing against you... But I've been paid well to ensure you never reach the Continent! And I intend to keep my end of the bargain!!!"
"As I told you, the sea is my element. You haven't got a chance!!!" god Mako shut up already
- Lose: "Nobody beats me on the sea!!! Least of all, YOU!!!"
- Win: "Arrrrgh!!! You are something else!!! I never dreamed I'd lose a duel on the sea!!!
I guess a promise is a promise.... I'll deliver you to the shores of Boulogne!"

"I am Joey, Duelist! I believe you've been looking for me... In England, I'm know as Christopher Urswick. But I'll be best remembered as the Slayer of the Rose Duelist!!!"
- Lose: "Well, Duelist, is that the best you can do?"
- Win: "It looks like I underestimated you!!!"

J. Shadi Morton
"At last we meet, Duelist... You have soiled the roots of justice with your betrayal! Your mind lacks the seeds of truth! I judge you unworthy and will punish you here and now! Should the power of your mind prove weak, you are destined to fall before me!!!"
- Lose: "It seems that the stronger mind prevails this day!!!"
- Win: "It would seem that all is lost... But such is not the case! I've only just begun! Do you think you've power enough in your mind to face me!?" holy shit dude stop trying to mindfuck me YOU LOST

Jasper Dice Tudor
"I am Jasper Dice Tudor... I will show you the true meaning of power!!!"
- Lose: "I'm afraid you didn't stand a chance against my superior skill..."
- Win: "You may have beaten me, but I doubt you'll survive a duel with my nephew, Yugi!"

"So you're the one they call the Rose Duelist... I am Bakura, a Bretagne card warrior! There was a time when some knew me as Jack Cade or Mortimer... You stand on Celt soil where Card Dueling has been passed on for generations! In particular, my family have mastered the art of the Dark Duel. Well... Shall we begin?"
- Lose: "This is fantastic!!! Absolutely amazing!!! What a fine game, indeed!!!
You think me a coward? I am the rule! I am the conqueror! I am the mighty!!!" jesus settle down jack
- Win: No! No way!!! I warn you! Your next field of battle will be your last! Be prepared to meet your maker!!!"

"So you've finally come to face me, Duelist... I hope you're as good as they say. Because the better the duelist, the better my game!!!"
- Lose: "I win this day! But it was a hard-earned victory. I think that if things were different, we may've been friends..."
- Win: "I lose... Know you this! Although the Rose Cards are lost to me, I shall not falter from my cause!!! On the graves of my Celtic ancestors, I swear that I will one day rule over all of England!!!"


"You now have all the Rose Cards. It is time to head for Stonehenge!"
"The ritual is complete!!! The power... The world... With the power of the cards behind us, all will be ours for the taking!!!
The time has come to realize the dreams of my ancestors!!!"

Manawyddan fab Llyr
"Long have I waited for this day... You are the ones responsible for this!!! First, you dare to summon my sleeping brother from his eternal resting place in the sands of Egypt - using him duel after duel!!! And then you dare to seal him away again!!! Unforgivable!!!"

"It looks like I've failed again..."

Manawhatever fu Loser
"Hold your tongue!!! There's no room for excuses!!! Nothing escapes my eyes!!!
I demand justice!! I shall feed on you and your kind... on every last one of you who exists on this miserable planet!!!"

"It's up to you, Duelist!!! This evil that's awakened can only be laid to rest by you! Only by defeating this vile creature will you be able to undo the summoning!!! At least that's what the legends say!!!"

Manwhocares fff Later
"Quiet mortal!!! It is time to avenge my brother!!!"

~cutscene over~

Manawyddan fab Llyr
"Prepare to meet your doom!!!"
- Lose: "Well? You lost... And you know what that means!!! Dear brother... this victory is for you!!!"
- Win: "No... NO!!! This is not justice... I... I cannot lose!!!"


Manawyddan fab Llyr

"The summoning is undone...
My family... Legend has it that my family was the only noble line to actually enter into a Pact of Glory with a Card Guardian. But sometime in the past, that pact was broken for reasons that are veiled in the mists of history. For generations, our family has searched the world in the hopes of finding the same Card Guardian to revive the Pact and the glory that was once ours... Since the day I inherited the 'Book of M' at Dumkul, I've searched far and wide... Many are the Guardians I've awakened, only to return them to their resting place. To date, my search for the one true Guardian goes unrewarded... You can't imagine how excited I was when I'd come to England and learned of the 'Rose Duelist Legend'... Needless to say, the result was anticlimactic at best...
I apologize for dragging you into all this. I will honor my promise of returning you to your own age. However, I fear that that is not enough to repay you for your help.
Here! Take this back with you. I will continue in my quest to find the one true Guardian. Perhaps it is my destiny to fail. But my descendants shall carry on the search. Should you meet such a descendant of mine, show this Rose Pendant. For from this day onward, my family is ever in your debt and will lend whatever support it is within their powers to provide. This I promise as an eternal pledge... a 'Pledge of Roses.'"

In the days that followed, the mystic barrier maintained by the sorcery of the cards faded away, leaving England's shores vulnerable to invasion. In August of 1485, Yugi (Henry Tudor) successfully landed at Milford Haven. Defeating Richard 3 in the Battle of Bosworth, Yugi was crowned as King Henry VII. The Tudor reign was to continue on until Elizabeth I. As for Seto and the Rose Crusaders, they disappeared from England... never to be seen or heard from again. The only record of their existence remains in the form of an inscription carved on the back of the Rose Pendant... Man is born to die. But the Pledge of Roses is born to live throughout all eternity. It is a pledge recorded in mystic numbers: Y34PN1SV

- The White Rose Chapter END

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