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In the Duelists of the Roses, a lot is different about dueling. It's sort of established that none of the cards are actually cards, and so first off they're treated as real monsters and magic. They move around on a map and take advantage of terrain. On the other hand, a new effect called "Spellbinding" can freeze the monster where it stands, rendering it immobile for a few turns (or permanently, in the case of some magics.)

Fusion is incredibly easy as it requires no catalyst - you can do it from your hand, or just tell two monsters to inhabit the same space and they'll fuse if compatible. (It is basically necessary to take advantage of this in game.)

Cards are summoned by a Deck Leader, which acts as a medium for real monsters and magic. In this way, a Duelist is effectively the commander of a magical army, that is used to battle in the War of the Roses. The monsters themselves are even given decorations and ranks, such as Lieutenant and Major. The ranks give them extra abilities as deck leaders, such as more movement or reduced summoning cost. Any monster with a rank can be called upon as a deck leader. Once you've defeated your enemy, you get the opportunity to pillage their graveyard for your deck. This is the only way to get more cards, so at times it can be in one's best interest to draw out a duel, but as war duels risk life and limb, Harriet prefers to end battles quickly to minimize potential damage to herself.

Listed below are the summons used in Harriet's Deck. Some card effects are changed for Duelist of the Roses, I'll list differences here. A full list of cards and effects is also available. Many cards refer to a monster's attack/defense as simply "power" or "strength", it means both stats have been increased.


Airknight Parshath [x3]
This is Harriet's Deck Leader, meaning when in a duel this card is Harriet (and she gains its appearance like this.) A Deck Leader can only move and summon, and is vulnerable to direct attacks in battle. In the game, it is a no-effect monster. Technically she has four of these because the one that's her deck leader doesn't count as a card in her deck. Airknight Parshath is fully ranked and has all of its abilities, listed below.

A deck leader has special abilities based on type and rank. The fairy type gets:

- Increased Strength for Same Type Friendlies (1LT)

- Increased Resistance for Same Type Friendlies (LTC)

- Spellbind Specific Enemy Type: Zombie (COL)

- Destroy Specific Enemy Type: Fiend (BG)

- Extended Support Range (RADM)

- LP Recovery (SADM)

Gyakutenno Megami [x3]
When this card is flipped face-up, all your own monsters with ATK of 1000 or below are increased by 1000 points. It has a rank of Major (higher than LTC, lower than COL.) Harriet uses this as a secondary deck leader at times.

Dark Witch
Ranked Lieutenant. Technically this isn't a card in her main deck, but most monsters in her deck can be used to fuse it so it appears in her duels without fail. Usually several times over.

Orion the Battle King
Ranked Lieutenant.

Fairy's Gift
Restores 800 LP when flip summoned.

Spirit of the Harp [x3]
Same, but also useful for guarding the deck leader.

Happy Lover
Cancels all power increases or decreases of an enemy monster in battle. Does not cancel bonus effects such as terrain or Leader ability effects.

While this card is face up in the defense position, all damage to LP reduced by half.

Dancing Elf
Fusion fodder; can be used to make Dark Witches and Mystical Elves.

Mystical Elf
When this card is flip summoned, it boosts the power of all your Light monsters by 800.

Hoshiningen [x3]
When this card is flip summoned, it boosts the power of all your Light monsters by 300.

Hourglass of Courage
If LP is over 1000 points when this card is destroyed in battle, the strength of your monsters are increased by 1000 points, and your LP is reduced by 1000.

Hourglass of Life
When this card is destroyed, it revives up to 4 strongest monsters from both graveyards under player's control. Following revival, owning player's LP is reduced by 1000. (does not activate if LP is 1000 or under.)


Pure Magic
Mountain [x2]
Transforms a surrounding 2-space area into mountain terrain. (in DotR, Fairies get field bonuses from mountain terrain.)

Monster Reborn
Select, revive, and control 1 MONSTER Card from either Graveyard.

Soul of the Pure [x2]
2000-pt LP recovery for controlling player.

Shield & Sword
Swaps the respective ATK and DEF values of each monster on the Field.

Swords of Revealing Light
Flips all enemy cards on the Field face-up and spellbinds them for 3 turns.

Darkness Approaches
Flips all cards on the Field facedown. (In DotR, this doesn't negate anything that had already happened to the card when it was face up, so basically it lets her reuse flip effects to power up.)

Winged Trumpeter [x3]
Increases the power of all fairy monsters on the field by 800 points.

Equip Magic
Silver Bow and Arrow [x3]
Increases the power of fairy monsters by 500 points.

Bright Castle
Increases the power of light monsters by 500 points.

Paralyzing Potion
Renders any monster eternally spellbound. Does not work on machine monsters.


Mesmeric Control
Disposable trap that spellbinds activated enemy monster for 1 turn, and reduces it strength by 800 points.

Tears of the Mermaid
Disposable trap that spellbinds activated enemy monster for 1 turn, and reduces it strength by 600 points.

Infinite Dismissal
Disposable trap that spellbinds activated enemy monster for 3 turns.

Invisible Wire
Disposable trap that triggers against a monster with ATK of 3000 or below, and destroys it.

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