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Game Dialogue - Red Rose Chapter

*This is transcribed word for word. The mistakes and exclamation point spam are not my fault and they are part of the charm maybe

The British Empire in the 1480s...
The Wars of the Roses, a power struggle between the Houses of Lancaster (Red Rose) and York (White Rose) to decide a royal successor, was nearing an end.
With the Yorkists well in the lead, the reign of Richard 3 was but a step away.
And in France, Yugi (Henry Tudor) - the last Lancastrian heir - was being forced to live a life of exile.
The Lancastrian forces were rendered powerless by ancient cards of sorcery wielded by 'Seto' and his 7 followers who, known as the 'Rose Crusaders', served under the flag of Lord Crawford, a powerful Yorkist nobleman.
Lacking a duelist to champion their cause, defeat was imminent for the Lancastrians.
In England, duel card games were still at the fledgling stage.
Thus, the Lancastrians had to look elsewhere for a duel master capable of facing the Rosenkreuz in battle.
With this in mind, Margaret Mai Beaufort of Lancaster secretly requested a High Druid to summon a duelist from another age.

Simon McMooran
...summon from the mystic circle of red and white roses, the one capable of harnessing pure power...
There was truth to the legend of the Rose Duelist!!!
Lady Margaret! I... I did it! Now we have the means for defeating the evil forces of Rosenkreuz!
Oh... My apologies. In my excitement, I'd forgotten I was in the presence of the Rose Duelist. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Simon McMooran, High Druid and servant of Lancaster.
May I be so bold as to ask the name by which the Rose Duelist would like to be known?"

(insert name screen)

"... Vaughn? A fine name indeed!
Now, here's the situation. The year is 1485 and you are currently in Stonehenge, near Salisbury, England.
The British Empire is in turmoil with the House of Lancaster's rightful claim to the throne being challenged by the Yorkist usurpers.
The power struggle is referred to as the Wars of the Roses, a name based on the badges used by both sides - a red rose for the Lancastrians and a white rose for the Yorkists.
Right now, our kingdom is threatened by the Yorkists and their wrongful claim to the throne!
All because the Yorkists enjoy the support of the Rose Crusaders and their sorcerous White Rose Cards.
Using our Red Rose cards, we summoned you, Vaughn to this day and age.
We hoped that your dueling experience would defeat the Rose Crusaders and lead us to victory!
You will help us...? Of course, you will!!! Foolish of me to even doubt where your loyalties lie...
Rumor has it that only the legendary Rose Duelist stands a chance against the power of Rosenkreuz.
We appreciate any help you can provide against them.
Before I can forget... I should warn you that the rules to dueling differ here from those of your age.
Here in England, dueling is governed by what is known as the 'Perfect Rule'.
In addition to several minor distinctions, there are two major differences.
One is the existence of movement or positioning. The other is the Deck Leader concept.
These are two aspects of dueling that were lost in the process when the ancient sport of Duel Monsters was adapted to card form.
The 'Perfect Rule' represents these lost rules that were miraculously revived here in England.
Perhaps a practice duel will serve better than an explanation.... Shall we?"

(No. No we shall not. This tutorial is long, boring, and doesn't even cover the most important things you need to know to win duels. Move on, muchacho!)

Simon McMooran
"First, Vaughn, you must select a deck to duel with. It is important that you feel the vibrations of a Deck Leader.. the minute resonations that ring true to your soul.
The cards themselves draw their power from the energies of the Ancient Ones.
The Deck Leader acts as an intermediate between the Ancient Ones and the deck-wielder.
Vaughn... It is essential that you select a Card Leader whose rhythm matches the stirrings of your soul.
Here are several decks from which to choose. Give it some serious thought, and make your selection.
Choose carefully, for the deck you select will guide the destiny of your duels."

Simon McMooran
"Ah! I see you have selected your deck..."

"Hmm. So that's the effect of the Celtic Red Rose cards... It looks like there's some truth to the rumor that Red Rose cards are capable of time transformation..."

Simon McMooran
"Who's there!?"

"It's been some time since the Battle of Barnet, old one..."

Simon McMooran
"Rosenkreuz! What brings you here!?"

"Only a member of the Rose Crusaders may call me by that name...
If you may recall, I told you once before that you may only address me as Seto.
Or does memory fail you, old man?
And you... you must be the dreaded Rose Duelist.
I must admit there's a certain aura of power emanating from you.
I believe an introduction is in order. I am Seto, leader of the Rose Crusaders.
There are members of our little group who prefer to call me by the name of C. Rosenkreuz."

Simon McMooran
"I ask you again... What brings you here, Seto!?"

"Mind your manners, old man!
What else would bring me here...
I've come for the Red Rose cards!
After all, it was you who showed me how the summoning capabilities would evolve when the Red Rose cards are combined with the transport powers of the White Rose cards..."

Simon McMooran
"You can't be thinking of attempting the forbidden 'Rose Summoning'...
If so, then the Red Rose cards must never fall into your evil hands!!!
Card sorcery taps into the powers of the Ancient Ones... By their very nature, each card is a double-edged sword that can cut both ways...
The Rose Cards alone harness tremendous power. There's no telling what horrors one might unleash to the world by combining both Red and White!!!
I will sacrifice my own life if need be to prevent any from uttering the 'Spell of Doom'!!!

"The Spell of Doom....? Fool!!!
The 16 Red and White Rose Cards grant 'power over all'! Druid legend has twisted the true meaning of these cards!
We Rose Crusaders have sworn to create a utopia free from the ravages of war. We intend to accomplish this with the power of the cards!!!
And we shall do so by extending the rule of Richard 3 throughout the known world!!!"

Simon McMooran

"By the way, it was clever of you to form a circle of red roses within the white rose barrier to summon the Rose Duelist...
But you were foolish to come alone. This area is surrounded and if you wish to leave with your life, you will do so only by handing over the Red Rose cards..."

Simon McMooran
"Me? A fool....? Then what about you?
Are you fool enough to actually believe the Red Rose cards would remain here in my possession?
Right after the summoning, I had the cards dispersed among our best duelists to keep them from your tainted hands!"

"Then you leave me with but one option.... I shall enlist the aid of your precious Rose Duelist!"

Simon McMooran
"You take leave of your senses..."

"And you speak too soon, old man!
Heed my words, Duelist! If you wish to return to your proper time period, you will require 16 cards of the Red and White Roses...
The red and white positions must be laid out in reverse of the summoning order to send you home..."

Simon McMooran
"You know the spell...?"

"Since you need the 16 Rose Cards just as much as we do... I propose a partnership.
Help us gather the cards and I shall guarantee your return after we've achieved our ultimate goal!!!"

Simon McMooran
"An absurd proposal!!! Do you think that the honorable Vaughn would even lend an ear to your ridiculous proposal!?"

"Can you be so sure, old man?
Let me see... Simon's side has 8 of the Red Rose cards, while my side - the Rose Crusaders - has possession of the 8 White Rose cards. As the numbers are even, simple arithmetic indicates that you could side with either of us.
But I'm sure you'll take into account who's winning this war. After all, who was desperate enough to summon you in the first place?
I think it's quite clear which side is better-positioned to send you home...."

Simon McMooran
"V, Vaughn!!! Heed not the words of this... this power-hungry lunatic!!!"

"Simon! Must you resort to name-calling? I'm hurt...
I'll tell you what. Why don't we leave the decision to our dear Duelist?
After all, Simon, the Duelist's future is not for us to decide now, is it?"

Simon McMooran
"Well, yes. But..."

"Splendid! In keeping with the tradition of the Old Temple gardens, I offer you a choice, Duelist.
Here are two roses. The white represents me, and the red for old Simon here..."

Simon McMooran
"For the sake of justice... Choose the red rose!"

"Stand by my side, Duelist... Choose the white rose."

(Side with Lancastrians)

"How disappointing...
Oh well. You made your choice, and I respect that. For now, I will guarantee your safe passage until you've met with Yugi. After all, I don't want our little game to end too quickly... That wouldn't be sporting. I look forward until the day when we meet again, Duelist! Until then..."

~boat ride~

The French Empire: Brest
Isle of Bretagne
[BGM: Sexy Smooth Jazz, For Some Reason]

Simon McMooran
"Vaughn, I present Prince Yugi... Last Prince of Lancaster, a true Welshman and the hope of we who call ourselves Celts! My lord, may I present Vaughn, the Rose Duelist."

"You serve us well, Simon. My mother was wise in summoning you from Scotland."

"You honor me, sire."

"Duelist, I am Yugi. Actually, Henry Tudor is my name. But I find it tiresome. You may call me 'Yugi'. I'm sure Simon explained our situation. But it's only right that I request your services myself. I need you to return to England and put an end to the threat of the Rose Crusaders. Their White Rose cards form a barrier that prevents my armies from setting foot on British soil. Although we Celts have the Red Rose cards, we are but inheritors who are unable to wield their full power. In the hopes of reversing our fortunes, we gambled on a Druid legend that spoke of a Rose Duelist!"

"According to the same legend, one must use a deck whose cost is lower than an opponent's to capture a Rose Card of another color."

"I believe that it is important that you keep this in mind. The cost of your deck should not exceed the cost of your opponent's deck. I would like you to note that our resources have been pressed to the limit, requiring us to invade England by August! My troops will land in Milford Haven, Waels and march on to face the enemy at Bosworth Field!

Having all of the Rose Crusaders out of commission by this time would be ideal. But as that might prove difficult, any reduction of their force would be appreciated. Right then! Let us part company and reunite in Bosworth! Simon will provide you with the details as to where and when we'll meet once more."

~on with the show~

Weevil Underwood
"Hehehehe... So you're the legendary Rose Duelist. Prepare to face the sting of my Insect Deck!"
- Lose: "Whoa-hoa!!! I win!!! You lose!!! I'm GOOD!!! You STINK!!!"
- Win: "Nooooooo!!! I... I lost!!! This can't be happening!!!"

Rex Raptor
"The Rose Duelist, eh? I'm not impressed. In fact, I'll crush you to a pulp with my Dinosaur Deck!"
- Lose: "Geez... Is that the best you can do? I thought a legendary duelist like yourself might give me a little challenge..."
- Win: "What!? Me?! Lose?! I don't believe it!!!"

"Ooooooh... My Zombie Deck hungers for a taste of you..." yorkists are so proud of their deck themes wow
- Lose: "Heh, heh, heh.... It looks like I'll be burying you soon..."
- Win: "Arrrrrrrrgh! You'd be a fool if you think you've seen the last of me!!!"

"You dare to challenge the Dark Deck of the Darkness Ruler? Rose Duelist or not, you don't stand a chance!!!"
- Lose: "Hahahaha!!! As long as I control the Dark, you haven't a hope of defeating me!!!"
- Win: "No... How can it be...? How could I lose!?"

"So you've managed to beat a few minor duelists.... Well let's see how you fare against my Machine Deck!!!" you know I quite like fighting york. there's no surprises with these guys. very honest sort.
- Lose: "Whatta letdown! You don't deserve to play against me!!!"
- Win: "I can't believe you actually beat me. Me! The 'Card Professor' of the Rose Crusaders!!!"

"What brings you to this northernmost region? Lost? If you want some directions, you'll have to beat me first!!!"
- Lose: "Hah! It looks like you're trapped in this labyrinth, doomed to wander the dark halls of defeat!!!"
- Win: "Unbelievable!!! You've won yourself a light to guide you out of this labyrinth!!!"

Pegasus Crawford
"Wow! So you're the famed Rose Duelist!!!
I am Pegasus Crawford, the Champion of the Northlands, the noblest of Yorkists, and master of the Rose Crusaders!!! I am also known to some as Thomas Stanley or Lord Stanley to my friends...
Seto has told me much about you, dear Duelist...
Seto has taught me a thing or two about dueling. So, come on! Let's duel!!!"
- Lose: "Wonderful!!! There are three things I love in life... Expensive milk, delicious cheese, and the sweet taste of victory!!!"
- Win: "You must be joking... Me? Lose? Never!!!" that's what they all say Pegasus
"Oh dear... You just might be stronger than Seto... I really enjoyed that! I've learned a lot from you! In fact, you've done wonders for my game!!!
Oh! By the way... I'm afraid I don't have any Rose Cards. Sorry..."

"Amazing. I never thought you would reach the point where you could challenge me. Too bad that it all has to end here..."
- Lose: "You were destined to lose at my hands... Accept your fate!"
- Win: "I'm not surprised, you know. I knew I was destined for defeat. I can live with that..."

[Master! Today's the day you promised to meet Henry!]

August 1485 Yugi (Henry Tudor) lands at Milford Haven


Richard Slysheen of York
"I see you've got Rose Cards! You must be one of Lord Crawford's Rose Crusaders! Your timing couldn't be better!!! When I heard Yugi had landed, I rushed my troops to the front. However, I arrived much too early. It will be some time before Lord Crawford and his men arrive. In the meantime, why don't we play a duel or two... I learned a trick or two from Seto that I'd like to try out. It's not everyday that you have the opportunity to play the great King Richard 3 of England! How about it?"
- Lose: "Hah! You lose!!! It seems that Fate smiles in my favor! How about another game?"
- Win: "Drat!!! I lost!!!"


"Oh well... What do you expect from a beginner, eh? Don't let it bother you... The important thing is how I perform on the battlefield! And with the support of Lord Crawford and the Rose Crusaders, victory will be ours for the taking!!!"

- "I'm afraid it won't be that easy, Sire!!!"

"Who!? What!?"

Pegasus Crawford

"Lord Crawford!!! It's about time. And what exactly are you talking about, may I ask?"

Pegasus Crawford
"I fear that aside from Seto, all the Rose Crusaders have fallen at the hands of the Rose Duelist. They were beaten by the very person you just had the pleasure of dueling... Sire, I present you the Rose Duelist!"


"And may I add that I've decided to join Yugi and the Lancastrians in their bid for power!"


"My match with the Rose Duelist taught me the true meaning of power. The Duelist may be even more powerful than Seto and the Rose Crusaders. That would mean that Yugi is likely to succeed in landing his troops! With the greatest Duel Master backing the Lancastrians, the Yorkists are bound to be defeated! I would be a fool not to back the winning horse!!!"

"And what of your hostage son, Lord Crawford!?"

"You wouldn't dare touch a hair on his head if you and your troops are defeated!!!
Oh my! I believe Yugi and his army has arrived! It's showtime... Sire."

August 22nd, 1485 The final battle of the Wars of the Roses commences on Bosworth Field...
Some time later...
A horse... A horse--- My kingdom for a horse...
Richard 3 falls in battle....

Pegasus picks up Richard's crown to put it on the head of Henry Tudor, who is kneeling. I have no idea how they're going to get it on over his hair. And he suddenly starts talking like a medieval English person, which is a first for anyone in this game.

Lo, here, this long-usurped royalty from the temples of this wretch have I pluck'd off to grace thy brows withal. Wear it, enjoy it, and make much of it.

The victory brought about by Yugi's troops signalled the end of over 330 years of rule under the Plantagenet.

"My thanks to you, Vaughn. Without your help, this victory would not be ours. Earning the respect of Lord Crawford and enlisting his aid ensured the fall of Richard 3. I cannot thank you enough..."

"I owe you my thanks as well for I would've hated to be on the losing side."

"Now all that's left of the enemy is that despicable Seto! Lord Crawford, do you know where he might be?"

"Knowing Seto, me best guess would be Stonehenge." And now you're a pirate!?

"I see...
I hate to admit it, but I doubt that we have power enough to take out a duelist of his level. I must ask a favor of you once again... Face the evil one and end his threat once and for all!!!"

[Master! Let's go!!!]

"You're here much sooner than I expected. I knew that Crawford would turn on us one day. But I didn't expect the tide of battle to turn so soon... Actually, Crawford's betrayal and the fall of the Yorkists matter not to me... All I hoped for from this tiresome struggle was to find an opponent worthy of my attention!

When I knew you'd been summoned, I chose to wait. Each time a member of my Rose Crusaders fell before you, I shivered in anticipation. Once you beat the last member, I knew you were ready to face me!!!

Long have I been starved to best a duelist equal in power to me... hungered to best such an opponent in battle! You wish to have my Rose Card!? Then take it from me! Face me in battle, Duelist!!!"
- Lose: "You disappoint me!!! This is not the victory I longed for!!! You fall far short of my expectations!!!"
- Win: "Well done, Duelist... I may have lost, but my heart sings with the joy of having faced you in battle...."


"T'was a duel to be remembered. I take great pride in the fact that I fall by your hand...
And if you believe that, I'll sell you some swampland in the outer reaches of the realm!!!
A duel to be remembered indeed! At least, that part of it is true! For thanks to you, I have completed the ritual for the 'Great Summoning of the Roses'!!!

Listen and learn the truth as to why I've let you survive to this day... The 'Rose Duelist' is an integral part to the 'Great Summoning'! For only by unleashing absolute power from a duel can the 'Great Summoning' succeed. There is only one reason why I came to England and sided with the Yorkists... I needed YOU!!! I knew that once the Lancastrians were cornered, they would turn to the High Druid and summon the only one who could wield power that is equal to mine!!! The ritual for the 'Great Summoning' is nothing less than a high-powered duel with the Rose Duelist! And the key to the ritual is having all the Rose Cards here at this hallowed site. In short, your victory is but a hollow one, child!!!

Ahhh!!! The time has come to savor that which has eluded my clan for centuries!!! With the coming of the Card Guardian, I will seal a pact that will ensure my rule as well as those who will descend me throughout the future!!!"

Manawyddan fab Llyr

"Yes!!! He is here!!! The Guardian walks this world once again!!!
Welcome, oh great one!!! To celebrate your arrival, I offer you a sacrifice!!!
I offer you the Rose Duelist!!!"

Manawyddan fab Llyr
"Hm? It seems there's a misunderstanding here.
Well, it matters not... The Rose Duelist is definitely a fine offering that only a fool would choose to pass up."

~end cutscene~

Manawyddan fab Llyr
"Let us see what you're made of, shall we? Prepare yourself for battle!"
- Lose: "Is that it? If you were dinner, you would fall far short of being an appetizer!!! It looks as though I'll have to feed on the rest of this world to appease my hunger..."
- Win: "What madness is this!? I cannot lose!!! I am the Guardian of the Cards!!!"


Manawyddan fab Llyr
"Me... The Guardian... Defeated!!!"

"No... To have come so far... It cannot... be..."


[Rose cards scattered on the ground by a book and Rosenkreuz's cape and armor]

I leave this message for those who follow in my path...
The Guardian who falleth at the hands of man was naught but a mere mortal. Journey forth and seek the true Guardian. For he shall be the one to guide thee to glory.
- Seto, High Mage of Amenhotep

[The rose pendant is also lying on the ground]

Two months later...
Yugi/Henry VII was officially crowned king at Westminster Cathedral on October 30th. Seto and his Rose Crusaders were never captured. However, they were never to be seen again. Henry VII was credited for ending the threat of the Rose Crusaders and was dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh! by his supporters. Naught has been recorded of Vaughn's contribution to the downfall of the Rose Crusaders or whether the Rose Duelist managed to return to the proper day and age. The tale remains a lost chapter in the annals of history...

However, a document written by the hand of Seto have survived over the years. This document passed through several hands including John Dee the Alchemist, Emperor Rudolph II of Bohemia, and scholar Athanasius Kircher. Auctioned off in 1912, the document found its way into the hands of Wilfrid Voynich, an American collector of antique books. Known as the 'Voynich Manuscript', it remains undeciphered to this day, save for a short and mysterious inscription...


- The Red Rose Chapter END

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