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As the Rose Duelist, Harriet collects an item from her canon called the Rose Cards. They are a crucial part of the story and have numerous special powers, which I shall now describe here for the benefit of all!

The Rose Cards' main role in the story is the MacGuffin used by Simon McMooran that summoned the Rose Duelist from their time. According to Rosenkreuz, combining the transport powers of the White Rose Cards with the time powers of the Red Rose Cards is what allows the summoning to work; this spell is called the "Rose Summoning." Simon also warned us about how the cards can be used to perform the "Spell of Doom."

And of course, after all of this wonderful setup, that is never expanded on again. Thanks a lot you shitty game. But that's what we're here for!

White Rose Cards:
The White Rose Cards are described as having "transport powers." In the Yorkist route, Rosenkreuz mentions that he is using the White Rose Cards to create a barrier that keeps the Lancastrians out of England (which is why most of them are in France.) So, we know that the White Rose Cards can be used to create a powerful barrier. We also know that since the transport power is the force that allowed them to teleport the Rose Duelist to Stonehenge, it can also be assumed that teleportation within the same time is also possible - in fact, Rosenkreuz appears to have used this capability to get rid of Simon when you join the Rose Crusaders. Anyway, since a barrier is the opposite of "transport", we can also gather that Rose Cards' powers can work in reverse. This is also supported by the fact Rosenkreuz tells the Rose Duelist the way to send them home is to reverse the order of the cards in the summoning.

In summation, White Rose Cards can be used to teleport or create barriers.

Red Rose Cards:
The Red Rose Cards are described as having "time powers." It is these time powers that allowed the druids to pull the Rose Duelist through time. Nothing else is said about the Red Rose Cards, but if we look at how White Rose Cards are used, we can presume things about the Red Rose Cards. Particularly, if the Rose Cards can work in reverse, then an obvious conclusion is the Red Rose Cards can stop time. It's probable that they can also manipulate the flow of time in general, given their initial use.

In summation, Red Rose Cards can be used to manipulate or stop time.

Combined, the White Rose Cards and Red Rose Cards have incredible summoning powers and were also said to "grant power over all" by Rosenkreuz, which probably refers to time and space. They are used to summon the Rose Duelist to the War of Roses, and later to send them home. They are also used to perform what Simon refers to as "The Spell of Doom", which is the summoning of Manawyddan Fab Llyr, who is the brother of the gameverse' equivalent to Zorc, and is basically a vengeful card god and the final boss of Duelists of the Roses. Summoning him is a terrible idea. We're not going to do that.

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