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Court App!

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name/handle: Des
contact: [plurk.com profile] deathdesu
timezone/availability: PST
Ref: Opal and Lyssie!

character name: Harriet Vaughn - technically "The Rose Duelist" (insert name here)
au/pg/canon/oc: Yu-Gi-Oh: The Duelists of the Roses, White Rose Side, [community profile] the_campus/[community profile] blankstate CR AU

  • Fairly normal British duel champion runner-up, magically summoned to 1480s England to fight in the War of the Roses.... with card games! Also every historical figure looks suspiciously like the cast of Yu-Gi-Oh.

  • Has an upbeat and joking personality, but can also be quite cunning and selfish.

  • Sided with the Yorkists to get home as SOON AS POSSIBLE because screw being summoned/kidnapped by the Lancasters!!! Finished rose war and subsequently got kidnapped to two other games. Cannot catch a break.

  • In Campus, she was stuck on a spooky jamjar island where she had a blood feud with a couple of psychopaths and then allied with them half a year later to vie for power.
  • In Blank State, she survived a game involving possessed murderers, mysteries, and memory cabinets and came out of it much more cynical than before.

  • Her Campus self experienced Blank State as a coma dream in the aftermath of a shadow game.

  • CANON:

    The Lancasters summoned the "Rose Duelist" (Harriet) to turn the tides of the war in their favor. She was pretty pissed to be kidnapped from her time to fight a battle that had nothing to do with her, so she immediately dashed their hopes by taking the quickest exit she could find, siding with the more powerful Yorkists on the promise they'd be better equipped to send her home. Dueled a gauntlet of historical names/YGO characters to take their Rose Cards - as it was a war, quite a few of them tried to kill her in said duels, but she was able to match her own ruthlessness and came out victorious.

    After obtaining all of the Red Rose Cards, she met up with Rosenkreuz again, who used them to summon a mythical card guardian that was to grant both their families eternal glory and prosperity... but he screwed it up and instead summoned a wrathful ancient card demon, whom Harriet had to defeat in a duel (of course) before it killed everyone. She succeeded, and then it was time to go home! Rosenkreuz gave her a touching sendoff complete with a gift of a pendant she could show to his future family members and be taken care of and stuff, it was pretty sweet (albeit hilariously misguided considering his family in her time line is Seto Kaiba, professional jerkass. It's the thought that counts.)

    Anyway, she pummeled a godlike creature and was finally about to go home! Good times for Harriet Vaughn.

    [community profile] the_campus

    ...And then Harriet ended up here instead. Arriving with a small cluster of DOTR characters, who were now all united under the Tudor Rose, they became dorm mates and settled in for the time being. Harriet was a bit snarky over not being home, but access to modern comforts made her just happy enough to be satisfied.

    Then, they all got into a blood feud with Malik and Yami Bakura when the former used her resentment toward Lancaster to brainwash her into trying to cardgame murder Henry Tudor, her canon's version of Yugi. This lead to a series of dramatic confrontations until eventually they called a truce due to too much mutual killing. Things returned to mostly normal, though there were a few game events to weather such as suspicious blackouts and the buildings disappearing. But eventually, she got fed up with things and made a shady deal with Malik to teach him her magical rose war summoning so they could use a real live God monster to destroy the barrier.

    After it failed, she planned to stop seeing him but they ended up gravitating toward each other by drowning away their sorrows together. Which became something of a habit, which lead to makeouts and a friends with benefits situation. A subsequent event brought out Malik's other personality, who challenged her to a shadow game. She accepted in order to seal his ability to use the magic she'd taught Malik, and succeeded in doing so, however he weakened her enough to put her into a coma for a couple months.

    During these months, she experienced her second game through coma dreams, in effect canon updating through a hiatus. During the coma she was regularly visited in her soul room by Yami Bakura, who helped her piece together some forgotten memories and kept her informed of Yami Malik's movements. After she woke up, Harriet reclaimed her Rose Cards and became determined to master their powers to help them survive a calamity they'd foreseen in the dream. She also became Malik's Official Girlfriend at some point (he made it the ante for beating her in a cardgame. fucking yugiohs)

    [community profile] blankstate

    In Blank State, she died from the Yami Malik shadow game in an alternate timeline. After making a contract with a Weird God Cat for the chance to save her life, she had to participate in a series of trials where a handful of people were possessed by guilt monsters and killing people, then the culprit was to be fingered through interpretation of an allegorical story spun by the god cat, and viewing the others' memories stored within a file cabinet. The survivors of this game, of which Harriet was one, would have a timeline fashioned in which they survived 100%. She lowered her odds to save Malik as well, as he had been possessed by a guilt monster.

    The people of this game started out very close knit and determined to save each other, but by Malik's trial that kind of crumbled and they turned on each other, and the game ended successfully through the resident sociopathic demon murdering a bunch of innocent teenage girls. Harriet walked out of that game severely questioning the worth of her values and motivations thus far, and almost kind of giving up on the world - as of blank state her morals are currently in a weird limbo state, where she's decided to seek power before a decision is made. (Seeking power is her solution to a lot of things.) She also became much more protective of Malik, since he really died horribly - everyone gave up on him and deliberately crushed his hope and he was eaten by a guilt monster. She herself came very close to tipping over the moral event horizon but was stopped just in time by another of the residents there.

    objective: Betray - This objective is inspired by canon as throughout the white rose side of DOTR, the Lancastrian characters constantly remind the Rose Duelist of what a traitor s/he is for siding against them. Indeed, the defining choice that put Harriet on the path she is now was a betrayal. As for how I'd use this, Blank State left Harriet in a state of moral ambiguity, but she's a decent enough person that she'd probably recover in time. An objective like this encourages her to screw people over, which suits my goals to push her further down the path of true villainy.

    sample: A campus post, wherein she re-intros after her Coma-atus.
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    Player Information
    Name: Des

    Contact: [plurk.com profile] deathdesu

    Were you in Hunters’ Game or Murder Manor? Yes, in both, as Beat and Rin.

    Second character? Nope!

    I have read the rules and understand the activity requirements: Yes!

    Character Information
    Name: (Insert name here) and "The Rose Duelist" in canon; I've given her the name "Harriet Vaughn."
    Canon: Yu-Gi-Oh: The Duelists of the Roses | also coming in with CR from [community profile] the_campus
    Age: 20

    (Brief) Canon Description England's War of the Roses, only the entire war is waged with a card game, and the historical characters involved look suspiciously like the main cast of Yu-Gi-Oh!
    Personality/Background At the beginning of Duelists of the Roses, the Lancastrians (who use a red rose as a symbol) are losing their Incredibly Serious Card Game War. In a last-ditch effort, they use Stonehenge and powerful cards of magic, the Rose Cards, to summon a "legendary Rose duelist" in order to turn the tides in their favor. The Lancastrians possess the 8 Red Rose Cards - their enemies, the Yorkists, possess the 8 White Rose Cards. It is the Rose Duelist's task to win the rose cards from the other side. As soon as they are done explaining, the Yorkists show up and offer the duelist a chance to join their side instead.

    Harriet represents the duelist from the White Rose side of the game. Though the Rose Duelist is canonically a silent protagonist, a lot can be gleaned from this rather huge choice - it means that, when the Lancastrians summoned her to be a hero and save the day, she basically gave her summoners the finger, dashed their hopes and took the quickest exit she could find - Rosenkreuz, the leader of their Yorkist enemies, who had made them desperate enough to summon her in the first place. She's a selfish person that doesn't trust people blindly, but would ally to whoever had the most power. While dueling the gauntlet of Henry "Yugi" Tudor's friends and allies, they all speak of the Rose Duelist as a treacherous betrayer, a villain. While the reality is not quite so black and white, it is at least true that she's willing to deceive people to meet an end.

    Of course in her mind, she is completely in the right. If anything, she's just too stubborn in her pure realism to see "called to arms for great justice" instead of "kidnapped to fight in a stupid power struggle." She would never hold back despite being demonized for it. In that sense, she's a strong person, one who follows her path no matter what anyone says.

    That being said, she still came from the modern age, where she used to be a regular duelist. So coming from such origins, she's actually pretty average. On the surface she seems upbeat and friendly enough. Her inevitable shrewdness was a huge surprise to the Lancastrians. This also suggests that she can bury her true feelings pretty well to act normal, and in the beginning, when helping them appeared to be her only option, she would have certainly had to do this. When she needs to shelve her emotions, her usual tactic is to cover them up with humor or sarcasm. She does the same thing if she's in trouble or suffering, not liking to show weakness to anyone.

    As her actions show, her chief motivator is getting herself home. Being stuck in the 1400s is obviously a huge culture shock, and would be enough on its own to make anyone freak out. Per my headcanon, as well, she also has unfinished business at home. In the War of the Roses and also in [community profile] the_campus, being away from her world makes her increasingly weary and anxious. Trapped in time, and then subsequently trapped on an island in nowhere - She often gets frustrated about the time passing and worries about whether, by the time she's made it back, she'll have changed so much she won't even fit into her own life anymore.

    For the rest of her personality, I turn to symbolism. As the white rose duelist, Harriet holds some values that are attributed to white roses - the concept of innocence, in particular, is important to her. Mostly this manifests when she feels internal conflict because of her own loss of innocence. Her opinions and reactions to others can also be changed one way or another based on whether or not she perceives someone as an innocent. It's not an extreme bias as she's willing to associate with some very shady types, but she'd want to protect an innocent if she could. Another 'white rose' trait is honor, which she has a fair amount of as a duelist. She would never cheat to win.

    Sample: Since I'm going out on a limb with this character and you'd suggested a game app, I thought it'd be good to provide you with one of these! Here is a post of hers from the Campus.

    Plot Information
    Entry Fee Harriet will lose her deck, as that is the most important thing to any duelist, as well as being her main weapon and source of power.

    She will also lose her Campus memories of Jack Cade, as per the 'forget resolutions to guilt' rule.

    Skills Apart from being a skilled duelist, she also has training in using medieval weapons, particularly swordsmanship, but archery as well. She can ride horses too.

    Items A big white cloak with a rose on the front. She also never goes anywhere without her sword, even in the Campus.

    Guilt or regrets


    Harriet has conflicted feelings about choosing the white rose. Even if she ultimately doesn't let it change her, she doesn't actually feel good about betraying the Lancastrians. You couldn't call it regret, but guilt - a bit. Mostly, she just never asked for this.

    She doesn't actually have any regrets as far as her actions in the war, but she does have guilt over one more thing. In the duel with Jack Cade (the equivalent to Bakura), he mentions that he is a master of the Dark Duel, which in Yu-Gi-Oh (especially considering who he's the canon complement of) can only mean Shadow Games. Losing in a Shadow Game NEVER ends well. Harriet won, but Jack's fate (assumed to be death for our purposes here) weighs heavily on her conscience.

    The main way the canon events affected her guilt was in the way that she views herself. She was once an innocent, a regular person. Now, she's become a champion in a Very Serious Card War, and her innocence is lost. Though she followed her version of righteousness, to that world she was a villain and a traitor. She does not think of herself as a 'good' or 'nice' person, even if she was 'right.'


    Early on in her Campus life, she was mind-controlled by Malik Ishtar using his Millennium Rod. He used her to attack King Henry, whom she'd become on somewhat better terms with, but was still awkward and conflicted towards. While she'd normally have a strong enough will to resist the influence, her anger and resentment were manipulated against her, and her considerable strength as a duelist used as a weapon. Even after putting aside what he did, she still feels bad for having that weakness.

    Harriet also feels responsible for the in-game deaths of both Rosenkreuz and Yami Malik, who were fighting each other, because she had the power to stop time (via her Rose Cards, basically canon MacGuffins that she was in possession of) to save Rosenkreuz from Yami Malik's attacks and didn't manage to use it in time. Rosenkreuz was her sorta-boss which was bad enough. Malik's death wouldn't have been a regret at the time, except that he wasn't actually killed by Rosenkreuz, but by her close friend Eleanor who had never killed before. So it's another 'loss of innocence' problem as well as responsibility for deaths. Though the lack of permanent death in the game helped a bit, this one's still a big one because of that. If she could undo any mistake it'd be this one.

    After both sides of their little feud had suffered a casualty, the Rose Duelists and Malik/Bakura had declared a truce. In this context, the focus of the conflict shifted to be against the Campus's jamjar setting instead of each other, and as the stagnant, trapped feeling grated on them both, eventually she and Malik made a bargain for power and an alliance to try to bust out. However, in doing so, she was going behind the backs of the people she wanted to protect, and generally being shady. Their partnership ultimately turned out to be pretty beneficial and didn't cause anyone actual harm, but she still can't ignore the fact that she lied to her team. It hurt her as she was doing it, though she tried to bear it, and it hurt them when they found out. Pretty weaksauce as her Campus guilt goes but still worth mentioning.

    In this game, her guilt over Jack Cade was resolved somewhat because she met another version of Jack and she did her best to make amends with him by giving him her Rose Cards. She will forget this ever happened.

    After her alliance with Malik became more solidified and extended to his partner-in-crime, Yami Bakura, they started working together and Harriet found herself becoming used to him, even to the point where they're capable of having pleasant conversations, while before then she was sorely disgusted with him for possessing a teenage boy (whom she perceives "innocent" by the way) as a host body. The thing is, she still has a huge problem with that, so it's an ill feeling that she simply bottles up. Yet, it lurks beneath the surface and complicates their relationship. You could describe it as "guilt by association."

    Plot involvement Sure.


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