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As the Rose Duelist, Harriet collects an item from her canon called the Rose Cards. They are a crucial part of the story and have numerous special powers, which I shall now describe here for the benefit of all!

The Rose Cards' main role in the story is the MacGuffin used by Simon McMooran that summoned the Rose Duelist from their time. According to Rosenkreuz, combining the transport powers of the White Rose Cards with the time powers of the Red Rose Cards is what allows the summoning to work; this spell is called the "Rose Summoning." Simon also warned us about how the cards can be used to perform the "Spell of Doom."

And of course, after all of this wonderful setup, that is never expanded on again. Thanks a lot you shitty game. But that's what we're here for!

All you ever need to know about Rose Cards beneath the cut. )
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In the Duelists of the Roses, a lot is different about dueling. It's sort of established that none of the cards are actually cards, and so first off they're treated as real monsters and magic. They move around on a map and take advantage of terrain. On the other hand, a new effect called "Spellbinding" can freeze the monster where it stands, rendering it immobile for a few turns (or permanently, in the case of some magics.)

Fusion is incredibly easy as it requires no catalyst - you can do it from your hand, or just tell two monsters to inhabit the same space and they'll fuse if compatible. (It is basically necessary to take advantage of this in game.)

Cards are summoned by a Deck Leader, which acts as a medium for real monsters and magic. In this way, a Duelist is effectively the commander of a magical army, that is used to battle in the War of the Roses. The monsters themselves are even given decorations and ranks, such as Lieutenant and Major. The ranks give them extra abilities as deck leaders, such as more movement or reduced summoning cost. Any monster with a rank can be called upon as a deck leader. Once you've defeated your enemy, you get the opportunity to pillage their graveyard for your deck. This is the only way to get more cards, so at times it can be in one's best interest to draw out a duel, but as war duels risk life and limb, Harriet prefers to end battles quickly to minimize potential damage to herself.

Listed below are the summons used in Harriet's Deck. Some card effects are changed for Duelist of the Roses, I'll list differences here. A full list of cards and effects is also available. Many cards refer to a monster's attack/defense as simply "power" or "strength", it means both stats have been increased.

It's a fairy deck. ...They were a lot better in the 15th century, ok!? )


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